You can always have high hopes for a movie which is being applauded by industry veterans like Rajkumar Hirani.  After a long time we have come across a movie which provides legitimacy to the horror genre prevalent in our industry.  Tumbbad movie is directed by Rahi Anil Barve and talks about a village of the same name which holds enormous treasure preserved by a goddess who created this world.

The movie is based on work of Marathi writer Narayan Dharap that talks about morality and negatives of being greedy in life. Vinayak, Sohum Shah, plays the protagonist of the movie whose selfishness is shamed by his own son. Thus, the story runs through generations of a family which proves to be a spectacle ride of cinematography for us.

It talks about a goddess who holds earth in her womb which is placed in the village. Throughout his exploration of the cave Vinayak meets his inner demons which are far scarier than a supernatural entity trying to haunt him. Although, there are some plots in the movie which are left unanswered but that’s not what this movie should be watched for. It is a brilliant amalgamation of stunning images, visual contrasts, art, costumes and camera work.

There are many sub-plots in the movie which are cautiously revealed one after the other. Without having a demon to scare us all it relies on grave stories that make us feel the real evil that haunted our country before independence. Hence, it will be surprise for those who are waiting for ugly monsters or some sudden cheap scares.

Apart from being loved by the masses the movie has also been praised by critics alike. Majority of seasoned reviewers have given it a positive rating mainly because of its unique plot and introduction of a new touch to horror cinema. It is important to note that the movie enjoys a rating of 88 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer which is exceptional for a production which is not backed by finance juggernauts. Meanwhile IMDB has rated this movie with 8.9 stars out of 10 that pushes it into an elite list of cinema where only the best reside.

All in all, the movie is not a gore flick but a rollercoaster of intense storytelling which leaves you thrilled to the bone. We advise you to adjust your busy schedule for cinema which is worthy of being a super hit other than regular soulless masala movies.


Image Credits: DNA India

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