Has anyone partied without a Punjabi song? Is there an audience that has not requested a special Punjabi track from the DJ during a party or wedding? There has hardly been any merry attendance that has not experienced dhol and Bhangra Beats in India.

The Punjabi culture has swept across the whole North Indian belt with people drooling over its catchy music and over-the-top music videos. In fact, even the Indian film industry has used this form of music to create mass numbers that have become necessary for their basic promotional package. Some popular songs from the past decade are also being rehashed to match the tastes of the larger Bollywood audience.

As of now, the Punjabi music industry is thriving with new artists who are incredibly talented and are not afraid to experiment with the typical Punjabi rhythm.

There was a time when this form of music was limited to the state of Punjab, nearby regions and its foreign patrons. It was the time of Late Surinder Kaur and Late great Chamkila, when it was all about village life, its struggles and the joys of being close to motherland. Then came the likes of Gurdas Mann who is considered as the best active Punjabi singer. The songs were more focused on romanticizing events and revoking old songs that were popular among the masses but were never professionally recorded.

At present, the music has included electronic beats and international instruments to create a unique sounding product which captures the imagination of young individuals. On the other hand, there are emotional tracks that have the power and authenticity to create drive and passion we all deserve. Want to make a great Punjabi playlist? Check out our list of the best Punjabi songs.