Having a best friend by your side is one of the best gifts you can ever get from God. Friends are the gems who will never ever leave you alone in any circumstance even if the whole world is acting against you. God could not be present everywhere and probably that was the reason that he made us potent enough to make a relationship like friendship. Those who do not have a faithful friend to share with, we probably will be lacking in one of the most pleasurable experiences of life. We all need a friend with whom e can share our happiness, sadness and other important events of life. For flourishing survival of everyone, it is very necessary to interact with each other. Sharing your insecurities with your friends gives a feeling of mental peace to one’s life and also a sense of keeping protected.

Friendship is one of the basic human emotions without which life would become less of an adventure. The Indian film industry has taken note of this relationship and made songs that can describe the bond we share with the “family that we chose.” Every now and then we come across a “be my buddy” song that showcases the importance of this everlasting and deeply felt bond.

There are many tracks that are solely focused on developing trust between two people without a romantic angle. Again, some tracks also communicate the feeling of not having a friend when we need one. Some of the more emotional songs are called for a person whom we miss terribly and want close to us.

Of course, making songs over friendship is not challenging but it is important to intact the innocence that forms the basis of friendship. Bollywood has also taken steps to nourish this emotion between people who are more than friends, like a father-son relation.  People have been reciting songs and poems over friendship before the dawn of our film industry and the tradition still continues.

For you guys, we have a list of wonderful lyrics of friendship songs.

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