Batla House: The Movie
Director: Nikhil Advani
Stars: John Abraham & Mrunal Thakur
Genres: Drama, Historical & Thriller
Running time: 2 hrs 26 mins


The film Batla House is rating with 81% on book my show. The film is based on the 2008 Delhi Batla House case. John Abraham is playing the lead role in the film. A terrific performance was given by John Abraham. The film is nicely directed. Dialogues and monologues are quite good. The second half is fantastic where Mrunal Thakur gets to prove¬†her acting prowess again! Ravi Kishan’s KK is applaudable. Manish Choudhary as Police Commissioner Jaivir is a man of the first water. Rajesh Sharma is coruscating as the defense lawyer. Kranti Jha, Alok Pandey & Sahidur Rahaman have played their respective parts with earnest and confidently portrayed the requisite vulnerability. The film is full of twists and Showed the police department on the positive side. The film is all about truth to display and show how people of India are still supporting criminals, they just show their negative intentions. All the actors played their character well.

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