India marks its 71st Republic Day on January 26, 2020. Republic Day has a big significance as January 26, 1950, is the day when the Constitution of India came into effect. On this day India is declared as a democratic republic nation. We should proud to be a citizen of India which ensures the fundamental rights of every citizen such as the right to equality, freedom, religion, culture, education, privacy, etc. The world’s largest written constitution was prepared in 2 years, 11 months, 18 days. The Constitution of India was handed over to the President of the Constituent Assembly, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 26 November 1949, hence 26 November is celebrated every year as Constitution Day.

Republic Day is celebrated with great pride and enthusiasm throughout India. Ministry of Defence organize ‘Republic Day parade’ in New Delhi Commencing from the gates of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raisina Hill on Rajpath past the India Gate. The parade showcases India’s Defence Capability, Cultural and Social Heritage. This event is the main attraction of India’s Republic Day Celebrations. On Republic Day President of India hoists the National Flag, sing patriotic songs like “Vande Mataram”, “Jan Gan Man” and pay tribute to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in order to gain the freedom for India. This is different from the Independence Day celebration where the Prime Minister hoists the flag. At last as always speech giving and Award ceremony begins where awards are given to the heroes who contribute something great in service of the country and a speech on any one of the ways it’s grown will surely fill the audience with pride.

republic day parade in New Delhi
republic day parade in New Delhi
republic day parade in New Delhi

On 71st Republic Day, newly-inducted stealth attack helicopter Apache and transport helicopter Chinook will take part in the Republic Day flypast for the first time. A model of Rafale jet will be showcased as part of the Indian Air Force tableau.

Ever since the historic day, January 26 is celebrated with festivities and patriotic fervor across India. So here for all true patriot people, we have a list of some Patriotic Songs which gives you a feeling to cherish your motherland and feel proud of it.

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