Wedding Songs Lyrics Collection

The great grand Indian weddings have an important place in the film industry. Nothing speaks fun and frolic quite like wedding songs. Bollywood adds a hint of glamor to the songs, with catchy beats and amazing lyrics along with super picturization to make chartbusters.

In this festive season, we are sharing with you some of the most interesting and popular wedding songs in India, that have become a part of every wedding these days. These numbers are emotional, convey happiness and give blessings to the newlyweds while giving ample chances to the attendees to burst into song and dance routines. From traditional songs that depict the classic culture of Indian weddings to the contemporary numbers that are straight out bangers, we have added them all.

It will not be wrong to say that every Bollywood movie has one or two songs that are worthy of being played in the wedding season.

Apart from the energetic dance tracks that can make anyone tap their feet, we also have soothing numbers ready to calm people in those tense situations. Some independent and regional artists have also produced classy wedding songs, some of which are being played for two decades or more. If there is anything that captures the very essence of Indian life, it is a wedding and if you are getting ready for one, there is no way you can miss our exclusive wedding song list. So scroll through the pages and find the beat that touches your heart the most.