Holi Songs Lyrics

Holi has been the most favorite festival among music directors in India. Not only this event holds a great importance within the country it also gives an opportunity to produce some of the catchiest songs ever made in the industry. The festival is in itself the epitome of parties, fun, craziness and the excuse of hitting the trance notes.

We did not have a hard time finding songs that depict the entertainment and liveliness that Holi is known for.  From the iconic “Rang Barse” to the recent chartbuster “Balam Pichkari” we have come a long way. The number of songs focused on this festival can be calculated by the fact that every decade, movies dedicate a few tracks to this festival of colors.

What mesmerizes more is when we see youngsters partying on old songs that they would have rather never played.  The festival gathers people along like no other event and Holi songs play a huge role in entertaining people each year.  It is the only time when the whole country is in the mood of partying and our musicians have helped us in re-creating the magic over and over again.

This Holi you will not have to search for the best songs apt for the occasion as our list comprises only those tracks that have the ability to turn you into a party animal. As a recent trend, electronic music is also being used in Holi celebrations and our country is not lacking in that part either.  Embrace your white “kurtas” as this Holi will be a super banger.