The Indian Hip Hop scene is young, thriving and promising a great future. It is the latest add-on in the ‘new age’ commercial music scenario and has taken the nation by storm. We always had patrons of this musical genre in our country but never before we had a substantial market of listeners and producers that appreciated this art form.

Hip Hop is not just music but a culture that runs on brotherhood and a strong bond of love. The art of storytelling on beats has hypnotized millions worldwide irrespective of their age, culture, race and country. It can be truly remarked as a music genre that has authentic international appeal. Bohemia is credited for starting the desi Hip Hop wave in India and other Hindi/Urdu speaking communities around the globe. He is formally regarded as the pioneer who built the foundation for others to follow.

His image of a gangsta rapper, baritone voice and hard hitting lyrics made people fall for him immediately. He was followed by popular rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh who truly pushed rapping in the commercial scene and is still the highest paid singer of Indian film industry. Apart from these behemoths many other artists have also risen like Badshah and Ikka that are introducing new sub genres to Indian Hip Hop community.

The underground scene is also packed up with brilliant rappers like Pardhaan and Vikktor who are hungry for success and are patiently releasing tracks to make it big. Check them out in our Hip Hop songs list and you will realize that Indian rappers are far superior to many around the world.