Ultimate Hindi Retro Songs Lyrics Collection

The Indian film industry was lucky enough to produce timeless music in its younger years. Since the inception of an organized music community, many artists have produced tracks that are hummed even after 50+ years of their release.

As that era was bombarded with hit tracks, our creative team found it hard to pick some of the better tracks from the best ones. These songs are not just very popular but are also important due to their impact on the industry. For example, the song “Disco Dancer” kick started the disco music revolution in India and gave Bappi Lahiri the stardom that lasts till today. Such songs have impressed and inspired generations who cannot get enough of it.

The retro era was graced by gifted singers like Mohhamed Rafi and Kishore Kumar who worked with greats like R. D Burman and Naushad. What made these songs magical was their ability to pull emotions out of listeners and withstand the test of time with grace. It is often said that contemporary music will never be heard after a certain point of time but retro classics will still be celebrated and cherished.  This music and its patrons are connected through a bond which will certainly become better as it ages.

Again, the goal is not to be little other singers and musicians but to allow younger audiences to meet what carved the pathway for current hit numbers. We are sure that you will take a flight back to those decades when musical diversity was at its peak.

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