Sufi Songs Lyrics

There is a reason Sufi songs have this particular name. These tracks have the ability to make you feel romantic, sad, hopeful, and devotional at the same time and that too the deepest level of emotion you possess. Sufi tracks have been an essential part of our cultural heritage and have become one of the most sought after musical genres today.

Preparing a list of the best Sufi songs was a mammoth task as every music lover has at least one of these tracks they cannot get enough of. Apart from being highly popular and respected among the audiences it is also the hardest genres to master. It also requires a unique musical prowess which is not available to every music composer.

Many of the singers belong to musical families that have been into this art from generations. The singers are born with an uncommon raspy voice which cannot be duplicated in any way. Some of the greats of this art form are Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen who have performed on international stages and hold a special place in the history of music.

Currently, the heritage is being taken forward by the likes of Kailash Kher and music director A. R Rahman who has produced soul touching Sufi songs in many of his movies. There is no doubt this sort of craft is hard to find and should be cherished without a second thought. Play these songs on a quiet evening and rejoice the most basic human emotions to their core.