There is no way one can talk about music without sentimental tracks which have made us cry on those long lonely night.  Tracks that define a situation of regret, loss, hopelessness and a broken heart are special to everyone. If music has the power to touch our soul then sad songs must be its greatest tool.

Music has been dominated by such tracks since eternity and it’s impossible to listen to every song that defines pessimistic longings for love. But, as it is our duty to come up with the best compilations ever, we have created the most refined list of songs that will set you for an emotional rollercoaster for hours.

What’s more interesting was to find exceptional songs from artists about whom most people have never heard about. Bollywood songs obviously top our list due to their mass appeal and the fact that these numbers are available in plenty. Indie pop artists have also done their fair share of sad songs with tracks like “Mehfooz” from Euphoria.

Regional sad music also emerges in this list as these songs have the touch of authenticity and innocence in their music. Most of the fans know the value of Punjabi sad songs which are graced with exceptional lyrics.

It is obvious that we will continue to encounter sad songs till music lasts. These songs also provide noteworthy teachings of relationships and philosophy that you can’t learn anywhere else.

From “Khoobsurat hai wo itna” to “Tujhe yad na meri aye”, these songs will make you sad or help process a painful heartbreak. Listen to our list now!

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