Qawwali Songs Lyrics

Before making it to the list you should know a little about the origin of Qawwali. This art form is a part of Sufi devotional music that took its first steps in the Indian subcontinent. Majority of the artists of this musical genre come from Punjab and Sindh regions of Pakistan and India. It is popular in most of Northern India and adjoining countries.

With a history of more than 700 years, Qawwali is more than music. It is a tradition that is kept alive by generations of musicians who invest their whole life in mastering it. The number of songs in this category is so high that it is difficult to find a person who has an extensive knowledge of this category.  In fact, there has never been an organized Qawwali community and many gems of this genre have never been recorded.

Thus, we had to come up with a list that comprises of artists that were lucky enough to not get forgotten. Graced by musical maestros like Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan and Aziz Mian there was never a shortage of exceptional talent in Sufi music. These singers are internationally renowned and are more popular for showcasing breathtaking live performances which is seldom seen today.

Our music industry was never behind in using these artists to create unquestionably marvelous music that still rests in our hearts with all its glory. This list is our humble attempt at streamlining the greatest Qawwalis ever recorded. We assure that their live performances are way better than the brilliant songs recorded in the studio.

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