Navratri Songs Lyrics

Navratri is not a one day fiesta but a kaleidoscope of nine days of garba, festivities, fasting and praying.  It is organized in the honor of Hindu goddess “Durga” and her nine different avatars and knocks our doors twice a year.

As far as the Indian film industry is concerned, our music directors have come up with soul touching Navratri tracks time and again. These tracks vary from being a tool to glorify a particular situation in a movie to exclusive bhajans for the goddess. With millions of followers there is no wonder Navratri holds a special place on the musical calendar. Go into a trace with “Nagada Sang Dhol” and then soothe your nerves with “Jai Santoshi Ma.”

Apart from established singers we also have songs released by many independent artists which are highly popular among the masses. This music scene has names like Anup Jalota and Anuradha Podwal who have changed the way people used to look at bhajan singers.  These renowned artists have come up with heart touching music that aptly describes the glory of this occasion.

Being a part of this tradition we have had the opportunity to create and enjoy some of the best devotional songs ever. While exploring these songs we noticed the amount of love and respect people have for Navratri and we do appreciate their emotions.

This Navratri you have the most auspicious list of devotional songs to help you stay devoted the whole week. It’s going to be an effortless voyage of religious sentiments towards the all mighty. Go into a trace with “Nagada Sang Dhol” and the soothe your nerves with “Jai Santoshi Ma.”