If we turn back pages of time and search for the pedestal for today’s music, we will find the humble origins of folk songs. Known for their simple tones and earthy vocal sounds, folk songs touch every heartbeat, even if you have lived in cities all your life. Folk music still continues to inspire many musicians. In the older days, however, the influence of such songs on the Bollywood music scene was quite heavy. From ‘Udi Jab Jab Zulfein’ to “Ek Pardesi” there are several songs that find their musical inspirations in pure and simple folk traditions.

It is often said that you can never go wrong with a folk song as it remains our most primitive part of our musical selves. From the very energetic bhangra and gidda to the very rhythmic dandiya we have been blessed with various folk art forms to cherish about.

Although some might argue that Indian folk music has lost its luster yet many regional artists are working day in and day out to produce great music for the younger generations. One must know that Indian folk music is highly popular on international platforms due to their authenticity and uniqueness and current age of Bollywood composers are also experimenting with these beats. The “Shubharambh” that had a distinctly Gujarati tone to the latest song “Zingaat” that compiled the energetic Marathi undertones, folk is making a comeback in Indian cinema.

If you appreciate the art form, its earthy vibes and its simple yet enjoyable appeal, scroll through the page and find the best folk song list comprised of musical marvels.

*Image Credits – Vancouver Sun

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