Diwali Songs Lyrics

One of the most celebrated festivals of our country is deemed to get the recognition it deserves in our music and film industry. Contrary to popular beliefs there are very few songs that can define the fun and emotions one feels during Diwali.  Although it is considered as the biggest festival of our country with long weekends off yet we have not developed enough songs to portray its grandeur.

It was a hard time sifting through our overwhelming music library to find a song that is even loosely related to the occasion. What we did find was lots and lots of bhajans dedicated to Hindu goddess Lakshmi which made a lot of sense. These tracks are meant to be used during the traditional Diwali pooja and through the auspicious event.

Apart from Bollywood not paying heed to this festival we also could not find many independent artists that have produced special Diwali songs. Made with a smaller budget and lacking technical expertise these songs never made it big on the music scene. However, Diwali has been showcased in many Bollywood songs. On the other hand, we also realized that this festival does not really require exclusive songs to make it any more important.

We have put in the best efforts to come out with every song that can be played at the event or to remember its lovable moments. You can also play any party song to get into the grove or use them as background music to uplift the already energetic environment.