Bollywood Top 50 Songs Lyrics

Bollywood music is the epitome of musical production in our country. With thousands of movies released every single year, we come across a ton of songs that range from exceptional to ordinary. In the mixed bag of these tracks, we often stumble upon some gems that are worthy of being played on repeat.

Here we have enlisted some of the most loved and famous songs that have mesmerized us in the recent memory and made us break the ‘repeat’ button. These tracks were chosen based on their musical prowess, singer’s performance, popularity, critical appreciation and music direction. Songs that do not embrace authenticity have been kept out of the list.
We have worked hard to include music from low budget movies that are never promoted like their more commercial counterparts. Music is not a real estate property owned by big music houses and even the smallest musicians have the ability to produce classics. Apart from exploring low budget movies we have also taken care of art films that often come up with a track to fall for.

While doing our research we realized that Bollywood music is not what it used to be a few years ago.  New musicians and an acceptance toward electronic music have created a huge change in our industry. Today, more and more composers are experimenting with advanced musical rhythms and using new plug-ins to make their songs unique.

Keep yourself updated with our list to maintain a playlist with tracks that will make you a boss DJ wherever you go.

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