Bhojpuri Songs Lyrics

Bhojpuri music has made a different mark on the Indian music scene. Known for its over the top music videos and extrovert lyrics, it is being appreciated in many parts of the country for its peppy beats.  Specific to the region of Eastern U.P and Bihar, these songs have made it to Bollywood now.  Although, Bhojpuri-esque lyrics has been used in popular media for a long time but the regional songs have made it bigger only now.

While exploring Bhojpuri music we came across the fact that this music community has exploded in the last five years. Artists have been producing this genre of music for a long time now but the amount of recognition it has today was never felt before.  The list we have created is nothing less than the amalgamation of the most popular Bhojpuri songs ever produced.

These tracks vary from being hit numbers from movies to regional independent music with immense popularity. Majority of this tracks are romantic but mostly represent different themes from the daily walk of life in Bihar.  Apart from dance numbers we have also catered for songs that stand out from the crowd of thumping music.

While many Bhojpuri singers are taking the help of auto-tune and similar plug-ins there are artists which are true to their talent. These singers are making tracks that are authentic and talk about more serious aspects of life.

All the Bhojpuri music lovers are invited to this feast of best regional music available today. All of them are catchy, full of awesome beats and overwhelmingly great.

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