Bhakti songs have always been an integral part of our film industry as well as our culture. With so many religions prospering in our country we are bound to have songs and artists dedicated towards devotion to God. These songs are so brilliant that most of us do feel a presence of a higher authority while hearing them.

The list comprises of some of the most iconic and musically accurate devotional songs of our nation. These tracks have the authenticity, love and innocence to be way ahead than generic songs produced throughout the country.  It is hard to digest that many singers use musical notes from commercial songs to create Bhakti songs. Although, such producers are looking for cheap popularity yet their act disqualifies them from entering our prestigious list.

Apart from famous Bollywood singers we also enlist independent artists who have created genuine devotional songs. After creating a list of devotional songs we would like to include a special mention of Anuradha Podwal who gave her spell bounding vocals to some of the greatest bhakti tracks ever.

While going through tons of bhakti songs we had a devotional ride of emotions and remained in the same mood for most of the days that followed. It is evident that our countrymen are fond of investing their time in remembering God. But, it is a bit disheartening that majority of the selected tracks belong to the bygone era which puts a question over the current pile of artists.

Play all these songs to have an actual good morning than a lame “good morning” text.