Throughout the history of the Indian music scene, we have been bombarded with item songs that help in bringing easy popularity for a film. Although there is no wrong in such songs yet their overuse is overwhelming to some audience. None the less these songs have given us some of the most memorable musical works ever produced in our industry.

If you look out for the number of item songs produced each year in our country then the results will be mind boggling.  In the last 10 years almost every big budget movie has used this formula to market their product. There are actors and dancers like Malaika Arora who thrive due to this need and enjoy handsome popularity. Thus, it was a big task to prepare a list that comprises the best item songs ever released.

Our exploration has pushed us to include a special mention of the song “Chaiyya Chaiyya” which is hands down the most loved item song of our industry. The AR Rahman number featuring Shah Rukh Khan became the benchmark for item songs in this country in the modern era. Apart from this track there are a dozen of item songs that can be regarded as the best of their time including “Ye Mera Dil” performed by the ever-so-charming Helen.

Whether it is a house party or a weekend rush with friends, these songs will make you enjoy yourself regardless of your mood. The music, catchy rhythm, bold lyrics, polished music videos and the stardom of performers are enough to make them a hit among masses. Turn on the music as the supreme list of matchless item songs has been awarded to mankind.

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