Being one of the most important festivals of India, Eid is a mark of celebration, love, energy and life. Having so many virtues makes it a fitting occasion for music production. This event has often been displayed and used as an inspiration in our music. There are so many songs dedicated to this awesome occasion that one will never have a hard time finding them.

What’s hard is to explore all of them. Don’t worry, we have already done that job for you. Our music experts have come up with some musical gems that not only define this auspicious event but are also beautifully composed by music directors. Some of the songs are not exclusive to Eid but have become one of the most popular musical tracks played on this occasion.

Also, there are many albums and singles that talk about each and every aspect of celebrating this festival. Again, these tracks are not as popular as songs from our movies but are equally worthy of being played again and again. They also come as refreshment to a situation which is highly dominated by Bollywood music.

Meanwhile, there are many songs coming from different countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.  As most of these international tracks are in Urdu their impact on Indian audience does not get lessened.  These songs become more interesting as they include themes and instruments characteristic of the region they come for.

Thus, there is no shortage of songs to be played on Eid. Our list will help you to have a ball irrespective of you musical taste.

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