Music Is My Art (Niamat Salaamat) Lyrics from the movie, Zubaan. This song is sung by Rachel Varghese. Music composition by Ashutosh Phatak. with lyrics inscribed by Varun Grover, Surjit Patar & Ashu Phatak. The soundtrack album is released under Zee Music Company label.


Mara gaya hai mara gaya hai
Mara gaya hai mara gaya hai
Listen up everybody get close to me
Let me tell you about the news
How it’s supposed to be..

You see bush tried
In vain serching strang
Terrain for a goon
With a very feared name
Years went by but
There was on drama
So america gave
The job to obama…

There was risk but i had
To get up in his mix that’s
When i dispatched seal team six
Shwed up in choppers
Entered right up in his house
Then we took him on a date
Yep, we took him out
Now i’m standing here telling
The truth to y’all that
Osama bin laden is dead
Once and for all…

And now i’m the man
I hate to say i tod you
So but i told you long age that
Yes we can now say it with me
Yes we can yes we can
Yes we can mara gaya hai…

Who’s that man who
Got a bullet in the head.. [repeat 3 times] Mara gaya hai

Lara lappa lara lappa lai lai lai
Assi nabe aasi nabe lai lai lai
Lara lappa lara lappa lai lai lai
Assi nabe aasi nabe lai lai lai..

All right you got him an you
Blew him right out of the roof
But tell me mr. President
Where is the proof
Let me be clear
Osama bin laden mara gaya hai..
Mr. President

Listen to me david and
Listen me good
I dont care if you have
To take someone and
Put them in fake beard
And shoot them again
Just get me my proof!
Oye tu marda kyun nai hai…

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